Struggling With Dry Skin On Face Issues
August 8, 2013 Dryness
Dry Skin On Face

by BrownGuacamole under CC BY-ND


I have always struggled with “dry skin on face” issues when it comes to skincare. It is more difficult than you might imagine finding natural products that address this particular issue. Most skincare products, it seems to me, are made to address oily skin on your face, and there is a large gaping hole when it comes to products that address this issues like the ones that I have.

Some of the products that I have found are meant to work for what is called combination skincare. This means when you have a portion of your face, which is covered in dry skin, and a separate portion of your face, which is covered in oily skin. These products are more useful for me, obviously, then products for oily skincare alone are — but they are still not made to address my particular issue of dry facial skin.

To people who struggle with oily facial skin, melasma and acne on the face, the idea of having dry skin may seem like it is not even a real problem. To those people, complaining about my dry skin on face problems may seem akin to the skinny girl who complains about how difficult it is for her to gain weight in a room full of people who are attending an Over eater’s Anonymous meeting.

However, having this problem is every bit as uncomfortable and embarrassing as having oily skin, melasma or acne can be. Not only is the dry facial skin itchy and uncomfortable, but it also peels and flakes off, creating a very embarrassing and unattractive look.

I have tried almost every best moisturizer that I can find. Most of them, however, are made to deal with the situation that people with normal skin find themselves in — their skin has a standard amount of moisture in it normally, but has gotten tried out from being out in elements, from sweating, or from any of the other number of perfectly natural ways that normal skin can become depleted from the moisture that it usually contains.

For people with that kind of skin who find themselves in that situation, regular moisturizers (like Mary Key, Eucerin, Jergen Ultra Healing) serve their needs perfectly.

However, that is not the situation in which I find myself. I actually have a dermatological condition where my skin is always depleted of moisture. That is its natural default state. Finding products, which deal with that condition are quite a lot more difficult than finding products that deal with the normal condition I just described.

Since I feel that I have tried every single commercial product available over the counter the claims to address my situation and have found all of them severely wanting, I can only imagine that the next step available to me is to seek the help of a dermatologist.

If I visit a dermatologist, I will be able to get her professional opinion about what prescription medications might be available that would address my dry skin issues.

I have been reluctant to do this because of the fact that I don’t want to use a lot of chemicals on my face, I am really partial to natural remedies for dry skin, if I can find any that are effective. However, my search for organic and natural remedies has been fruitless, so I think that it might be time to pursue the prescription medication route.

Whatever solution I ultimately finds to solve my dry skin on face issues, I only hope that it is effective in the long term. I don’t want to still be dealing with this well into adulthood.

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