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August 8, 2013 Dryness
home remedies for dry skin

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If you are suffering from this condition, home remedies for dry skin and hair can provide quick, effective, and cost-efficient solutions. Many people who struggle with dry facial skin search online for solutions, seek advice from friends and family and even adhere to “old-wives tales.”

Six natural home remedies for dry flaky skin on face, hands and other body parts that actually work are moisturizing it, using warm water, limiting bath time, using humidifiers, and choosing nonabrasive fabrics.
This article shows you how to cure dry skin at home with six, quick treatments that effectively relieve problems in a cost-efficient manner.

Home Remedies For Dry, Itchy Skin – Moisturize it!

Moisturizing it is imperative to maintaining hydrated, pliable, and soft skin. Moisturizers provide a protective covering over it, which prevents water from evaporating and escaping through the epidermis layers, which results in dry flaky skin.

Applying moisturizers, such as baby oil, while your skin is still damp is an excellent way to quickly and effectively hydrate it. Oils tend to remain on the surface of the skin for longer amounts of time and also provide required moisture to actively combat this condition.

While moisturizing is a great solution, another popular home remedy is using warm water and limiting bath time.

Use Warm Water and Limit Bath Time

In order to prevent this condition, use warm water and limit your time taking baths. Hot water and long, extended baths and showers are known to quickly remove mandatory oils from the surface of the skin, resulting in over-drying of the skin. When bathing or showering, be sure to limit your time to 15 minutes or fewer, and use warm water, rather than hot.

It is also important to avoid harsh, drying soaps that can easily remove oils from the skin; instead choose shower gels, mild soaps, or popular soaps such as Neutrogena or Dove. After bath time and when applying deodorants, be sure to avoid deodorants with harsh chemicals.

Experiment with various brands to find one that works for you. Remember, your skin should never feel tight or dry, but rather soft and smooth. In addition to using warm water and limiting bath time, applying moisturizers immediately after bathing is also among the popular home remedies for dry skin.

Apply Moisturizers Immediately After Bathing

Applying moisturizers immediately after bathing effectively provides the moisture your skin needs to stay hydrated, particularly after experiencing a bath or shower that may have stripped the skin of oils stored within the skin.

When completing your shower or bath, always pat or blot your skin, which will leave a light layer of moisture. After drying lightly, quickly apply a moisturizer to entrap water within the epidermis layer of the skin. All natural remedies nutrify it while healing. The best lotions for dry skin do not contain harsh chemicals.

Applying moisturizers immediately after bathing is highly effective in retaining moisture. Read more information about best moisturizer for dry skin and review.

Another effective home remedy is a humidifier.

Use A Humidifier

Home Remedies For Dry Skin - Humidifier

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Among at home remedies for dry face, humidifiers are very popular. Hot air can often be harsh, resulting in dry, parched skin.

By using a humidifier, either portable or attached to your furnace, you can easily maintain the level of moisture within the air, which will ensure that your skin remains, soft, pliable, and hydrated.

Be sure to select a humidifier that fits within your budget, and always keep your humidifier clean through routine maintenance, eliminating the growth of fungus and bacteria. The final home remedy for dry skin, and also the most overlooked, is selecting fabrics agreeable with your skin type.

Choose Fabrics That Are Kind to Your Body

Selecting fabrics that are kind to your face is key to avoiding this condition.

Fabrics, such as cotton and silk, are gentle and allow your skin to “breathe”. Unlike wool, which highly irritates the skin, cotton and silk are smooth, gentle, and easy to the touch.

In addition, also remember when cleaning your garments, avoid using harsh chemicals to do so, seeing as detergents with high levels of dyes and perfumes can highly irritate the skin.

The use of home remedies has become extremely popular, especially among those who suffer from dry, flaky skin.

Home remedies for dry skin on the face, such as moisturizing, using warm water, limiting bath time, using humidifiers, and choosing non-abrasive fabrics are not only effective solutions, but are also cost-efficient.

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