Best Melasma Cream – Review
August 8, 2013 Melasma

If you are a melasma sufferer, best melasma cream products can provide relief and a cure.

Melasma is tanning of the skin or discoloration especially in pregnant women. There is a variety of melasma treatment cream products available that have proven to be effective.

Best melasma treatment creams

Revitol skin bright skin brightener

Melasma Cream

This natural melasma treatment cream uses a combination of lightening agents such as Arbutin and kojic acid, to provide an effective skin hyperpigmentation treatment.

Results of this melasma cream can be seen as early as two weeks for some people.

Premium Naturals is responsible for the distribution of this product, which has been recognized by several melasma treatment cream reviews and publications as the best treatment for melasma, or among the best cream for melasma.

Bought over the counter, this popular cream does not contain ingredients that can harm your skin but instead contains natural ingredients.

In addition to these ingredients, there are also other moisturizing components that will keep your skin supple. This product works for every skin type.

Alpha-Arbutin is an ingredient that is extracted from the Bearberry tree. It is a great alternative to skin brightening products that are harsh to the skin. Kojic acid is a product of Sake, which is a Japanese wine. It works by lightening dark spots for all skin types regardless of their shade.

Revitol skin brightener

Melasma Cream : Revitol

This melasma treatment cream reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration leaving you with healthier skin. It is a skin lightening cream that works for every skin type. Manufactured by Revitol Skin Care Company, it contains natural ingredients made from a variety of plants.

It also has vitamins and moisturizers that will leave your skin looking even and supple. Since it contains natural ingredients, there are no side effects that are harmful to your skin. One of the key ingredients is seed extracts from grape fruit, which helps to preserve the product as well as an act as a natural antioxidant. Shea butter helps to protect the skin from the harmful effects of sun rays.


Melasma Cream : Melloderm

This product contains hydroquinone which may react with some skin types. This hydroquinone cream utilizes the latest technology, allowing your skin to be treated from deep within. This product, unlike other products, uses fewer amounts of active ingredients.

This is a great advantage because it causes less or even less irritation to most skin types. Melloderm a cream for melasma that does not contain any toxins and has a greater potency. A versatile melasma cream, it treats skin that is either dark or light. It works by blocking the production of melanin, which is responsible for the dark spots on the skin.

It exfoliates and removes the dead skin cells that are melanin charged. At night, the product helps the skin to renew its cells. Manufactures of this product recommend that better results are achieved when you use sun block of SPF +30, antioxidant defense moisturizer. Before applying the cream, the skin should be thoroughly cleansed.

It works best if used at night. While cleansing, ensure that you avoid the eye area because it has sensitive skin.

For those seeking a relief or cure for this skin discoloration disease, these three melasma creams offer the best treatment for melasma.

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