Skin pigmentation disorder – Freckles
August 8, 2013 Tips

Our love of sunbathing has contributed to a rise in skin pigmentation disorders, which occurs in 2% of the population. Also known as melasma, freckles are one form of skin pigment changes that many people seek to remove.

What is Freckles?

Freckles are essentially the result of the uneven distribution of skin pigment in the epidermis. The most common freckles are observed in people with fair skin.

What causes freckles? Many women experience freckles, or skin pigmentation white spots. Freckles are considered cosmetic defects only if they are so numerous that they merge into one large brown spot. They are more common on those with fair than dark pigmentation. How should I deal with freckles and other changes in skin pigments?

How to remove freckles?

Skin pigmentation
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Unfortunately, there is still no effective means to eliminate freckles. There are, however, many bleaching agents, but their effectiveness depends on the content of mercury, bismuth, and other chemicals. Moreover, bleach can contribute to the loss of skin pigment and discoloration in the pigment of the skin.

These drugs should be recommended by a doctor. Since cosmetic products contain bleaching agents in lower concentrations, they are less effective.

The doctor may use other, more radical methods of removing freckles. Melasma cream is another option. However, early prevention is the best treatment for skin pigment problems.

To do this, we must start taking steps in February or March to avoid direct sunlight. Start by lubricating the face with good creams with filters to absorb the harmful solar radiation spectrum. Applied to the skin, these creams act as a thin layer of cover, or masking agents, which also protect the skin from sunburn.

Home Remedies

A recommended home recipe for bleaching freckles suggests using lemon juice or a decoction of parsley (a piece of cotton wool wound around a toothpick, moistened with lemon juice and parsley broth). Grease spots, and let it dry.

According to another home recipe, freckles should be lubricated with a 2-8% alcoholic solution of salicylic acid or vinegar dressing.

We must not forget that all the bleach dries out your skin, so bleach and other harsh agents should be used carefully and not abused in the treatment of skin pigmentation and discoloration disorder.

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