Natural Treatment Of Melasma : Remedies & Laser Therapy

Whether using natural home remedies or modern laser therapy, treatment of melasma is efficient and affordable today. Here is a list of popular options for this condition, including herbal remedies.

Natural remedies for melasma

If you are seeking to remove discoloration from melasma natural treatment methods have proven to be efficacious in research studies.

Aloe Vera

Treatment of Melasma


Mucilaginous polysaccharide is a key ingredient that is found in Aloe Vera. This ingredient serves the purpose of lightening dark spots. The best time to apply it is overnight just before sleep.

It should be rubbed onto the skin for about 15 minutes then left to work on the skin over night. To get this treatment for melasma, need only check local food or plant stores.

Mixture of Oat Meal and Milk

Turn your breakfast into a natural treatment of melasma. Oatmeal contains natural skin exfoliating substances that help to get rid of skin discolorations. All you have to do is mix it with milk and apply it on your skin on a daily basis, paying special attention to the affected areas. The oats should be uncooked.

Mix half a cup of milk with a full cup of oats and gently massage onto the skin for about 30 minutes. Use warm water to rinse off the mixture and dry with a towel.

Turmeric Powder

Treatment of Melasma - Turmeric Cream


Turmeric contains an ingredient known as curcumin, which acts as an antioxidant for the skin. Use about 10 tablespoons of milk and ten tablespoons of turmeric to make a smooth paste. Apply the paste on the skin.

If you find the mixture has a light consistency and is difficult to apply on to the skin, then try adding gram flour, which will thicken the paste. Leave the mixture on the face for about half an hour then rinse it off with warm water and dry.

Honey and Almond Paste

These two products contain protein properties that help to lighten the skin. Use a full cup of raw almonds without salt and mix with half a cup of honey. Blend them to make a thick paste and apply onto the skin. Leave on for 30 minutes and then rinse it off.


The active ingredient in lemons is citric acid, which can be used to lighten skin and hair. Just squeeze lemon juice into a cup and apply it onto the affected areas. Leave it on for 20 minutes then rinse and pat dry.

You may want to try lemon before other natural treatments as it is known as one of the best treatments for skin discoloration disease. It also natural remedy for dark skin pigmentation on the face.

These natural skin discoloration treatment methods have been proven to work. Try them before melasma cream with chemicals, which can damage your skin.

Resurfacing and YAG laser Treatment

Microscopic light can be used to penetrate deep into the skin and get rid of melasma cells. The treatments are given every month for a period of four months. This YAG laser treatment is used together with topical lightening treatments. It is the fastest melasma treatment available now.

Intense Pulse Treatments

This laser treatment uses heat energy to destroy the cells that produce melanin. It works best for melasma of the epidermal type. This hyperpigmentation treatment requires you to consult with your doctor so that a medical professional can diagnose the type of melasma that you have before administering treatment.

Melasma Cream

Treatment of Melasma : Cream


There are several good herbal melasma treatment cream products available in the market today.

Herbal remedies had been used in the treatment of melasma long before commercial melasma creams were introduced. They can hide visible signs on your skin with regular usage.

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